Heat Repellent Paint

ecopaint1Cool your roof, walls and pavements with The UK’s Best Heat Reflective Paint, now available in Pakistan.

No matter how well a building’s roof and walls are insulated, they will still continue to absorb thermal heat, and that also includes pavements.

A building’s thermal performance can be improved by making it reflect a high percentage of Solar Rays to reduce the absorption of heat.

Our range of products reflects the amount of sunlight your building absorbs, thereby assisting in lowering the heat built up on all construction surfaces.

An immediate benefit of using this special paint during new construction or refurbishment of non-insulated and old insulated buildings, is the result in lower energy costs, increased human comfort levels and environment impact.

It can be applied to houses, commercial buildings, offices, warehouses, factories, shopping malls, cold storage areas, animal refuges, storage facilities, railway tracks, pavements, concrete and plastic external pipes and water tanks.

Why use Heat Repellent Paint?

Reduce heat from getting in with a reputable heat reflective and cost effective coating.

  • Assists in preventing your building from heating up
  • Assists in preventing your walls and pavements from heating up
  • Assists in reducing internal temperatures
  • Assists in reducing electricity cooling costs
  • Assists in reducing green house gas emissions for air-conditioned buildings
  • Assists in inhibiting rust, corrosion and thermal expansion, ensuring durability
  • Assists in protecting properties and assets (heat sensitive)
  • Non-Toxic Environmentally safe and friendly
  • Assists in conducive and liveable environments
  • Contains anti-fungal and anti-mould properties
  • Easy to apply