How to use Chiltern Slurry Products

The introduction to our Chiltern Slurry range of  British Construction products

Standard Building Practice

High Strength SBR/Chiltern Slurry 


KA SBR will make the mixtures easier to work with and will give the mixtures a better adhesive quality and will improve tensile strength by approximately 500%.

This product will also stop your cement plaster from cracking. We have printed all of the following applications on every 5ltr bottle for ease of use.

High Strength Waterproof Concrete.

Mixture ratio – 3 parts SAND ,3 parts AGGREGATE /CHIPS ,1 part CEMENT .Use the gauging liquid of 5 parts WATER and 1 part KA SBR.

Top Layer Smooth Waterproof Flooring Screeds.

Surfaces should be clean and free from loose materials etc. Large cracks repaired with 3:1 sand/cement mortar gauged with 1:1 SBR/water.

Screeding mix 6-12mm thick.    3:1 sand/cement using a gauging liquid of 1:3 SBR/water.

Screeding mix 12-25mm thick.  3:1 sand/cement using a gauging liquid of 1:1 SBR/water.

Pour over surface and trowel to a finish. Ideally fresh screed should be protected from direct sunlight with damp hessian or cardboard.

Waterproof Render/ Cement Plastering

Mix 1 part SBR,1 part water and 5 parts cement. Apply to a dampened surface. Whilst this is still wet apply a render of 3:1 sand/cement mix using a gauging liquid 1:3 SBR/water to a depth of approx 6mm.When hardened apply a second coat (same ratios) to the same depth. Protect against fast evaporation and drying winds.

Waterproof mortar.

Mix 3:1 sand/cement using a gauging liquid of 1:3 SBR and water. Apply as normal.

Instructions for Chiltern Tanking Slurry.

 Tanking Slurry/Chiltern Slurry

The Chiltern Slurry comes in two types 1. Grey Slurry  2. White Slurry.


The Grey Slurry offers a permanent waterproofing solution  and a surface which can be later painted over .

The White Slurry again offers the same permanent water proofing solution as the Grey but it also offers a heat reflection property which saves the cost of painting and keeps the structure cooler by virtue of its heat reflection



Preparation of the chiltern slurry mix

Chiltern Slurry must be applied to a porous, wet, cementitious substrate i.e. Brick,Block,Concrete and Stone. All areas to be tanked must be clean and free from paint, bitumen or any type of waterproofing liquid and contaminates as this will restrict adhesion and ingression.

Surface preparation can be best carried out using high pressure water jetting as this has the advantage of completely saturating the substrate prior to application.

Large cracks and defects can be repaired using a 3:1 sand/cement mortar gauged with KA Bond SBR.

Wall Application.

Step 1) liberally apply KA Bond SBR diluted with water 1:1 to walls. Leave for 10-15mins for it to “tack-off” .

Step 2.) Mix 1 PART SBR and 5 PART WATER adding the slurry powder to this mix. Mix until the texture of the mix becomes a slurry but not solid  applicable easily with a brush. Apply first coat of tanking incorporating 1ltr KA Bond SBR into the gauging liquid for every 25kg bucket of Chiltern Slurry. The application should cover well all pores and edges completely covering the surface well. When touch-dry (4-6 hours depending on temperature) apply second and final coat. Tanking can be brushed,trowelled or sprayed. Overall finished thickness should be 3-5mm.

Floor Application.

1) Apply KA Bond SBR diluted with water 1:1 to the floor area liberally covering all holes and edges well. Leave for 10-15mins for it to “tack-off” .

2) Apply one coat of Chiltern Slurry with 1ltr KA Bond SBR incorporated within the gauging water to every 25kg bucket. Tanking can be poured, brushed or trowelled in one application to a depth of 3-5mm.Ensure a good coat reaches all pores, cracks and edges from floor to wall. Where floor meets wall make a saw cut approx 15mm at 45deg.Make sure the tanking flows into the cut when applying the tanking.

For every 25kg bucket of Chiltern Slurry allow 1ltr KA Bond SBR and approximately 5ltrs water and mechanically mix to form a smooth paste. In hot conditions more liquid can be added and the coating should be protected from drying too quickly.

The Chiltern Slurry is the only product that will permanently stop all and any ingress of water which is threatening to penetrate any area of building. Chiltern Slurry with KA Bond SBR will easily achieve 10 bar pressure. This means it will hold back at least 100mtrs head of water making it the strongest waterproofer for Bricks, Blocks, and Concrete and Stone available of its type.

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 Our products are far more superior and concentrated than any other products available in the Pakistani market at present. This makes them far better in quality and cost effectiveness.

 If you compare our products  to our competitors in Pakistan, this is how we outclass them!

 Our competitors generally advise on a minimum of 4 products in the system including Bonding Mortar, Screed Mortar, Render Mortar and Finishing Mortar. All these mortars have to be gauged with specialist liquids.

 If the contractor uses this system he is looking at having all these bagged products on site which will  mean more waste (the bags often get punctured and become useless),a vastly increased cost and a far more complicated system.

Polymer Tanking Slurries:

1. Is a surface treatment that will not ingress into the building. You cannot back-fill with soil or stone as the tanking could be punctured.

 2. It needs a special expensive renovating plaster because it contains polymers that will react to gypsum. If plastering on top

3.There is no flowing agent added to the mix which makes it more difficult to mix on site.

4. It cannot be used in human water drinking tanks as polymer based tankings cannot conform to BS6920:2000 (safe use for potable drinking water).

 5.It cannot be used on concrete floors where it will come into contact with animal waste (stable floors, kennel floors etc.)

 6.It cannot be used where it will come into contact with alkalines,oils,acids and diesel solvents. This means it cannot be used in inspection pits, oil bonded walls, farmland etc.

7. It cannot be left outside as a finished render because it contains polymers that are affected by sunlight. This is called re-emulsification which, over time, will make the tanking useless.

Chiltern Slurry Crystalline  Tanking :

Does not contain polymers which means it can be used in all the situations above.

  1. It can be used safely on all farmland and where it will come into contact with animals. The animal waste and acids will not affect Chiltern Slurry Tanking.
  1. It will exceed at least 7 bar pressure (70mtrs head of water).
  1. Contains a flowing agent making it easier to use on site.
  1. Can be safely used in any water drinking facility for humans and animals.
  1. Can be left as an external render. Save money on plastering brick walls !
  1. Can be plastered over or rendered over.
  1. Can be back-filled with soil or stone. It does not matter if the surface is scratched because the tanking has ingressed into the building. This will not harm the waterproofing.
  1. Is the best-selling and architect specified tanking slurry in the UK.
  1. Our White slurry offers heat reflection so it not only gives you long term Water proofing but also heat reflection keeping the structure or building cool in the hot weather ! Plus you save in the cost of painting too.
  1. Our products will not crack whilst others may crack in the heat .

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