5Would you like to make sure your walls, floors and ceilings are waterproof with a 10-year guarantee?

Now We Have Launched in Pakistan!

For the first time, and completely NEW to Pakistan, Chiltern Slurry are bringing British Quality building products to Pakistan.


We are a British company with over 20 years of experience in the construction Industry  today we offer a range of products  design to PROTECT AND STRENGTHEN  your property .  Damp and water seepage is the number one killer of properties  silently decaying and damaging your property and continually reducing its life. It is vital to protect your home with  good quality reliable and effect products which will give the long term protection and strength required which Chiltern Slurry guarantee to deliver.

Chiltern Slurry offer various products to add to cement and concrete giving up to 500% more strength and offer long terms protection 30 years plus against damp and seepage . We are a company dedicated to service, technical support, product innovation and more importantly your requirements.

We are proud to introduce our Quality Building products for:

  • Damp Proofing and Rising DampTanking for concrete roofs and walls
  • General Waterproofing for homes inside and out also offering heat reflection to keep homes cooler
  • Cellar Waterproofing giving long term protection from damp and seepage
  • Roads , concrete water ways , Tunnels, Bridges, concrete drains and Agricultural  concrete water channels
  • Add up to 500%strength to concrete Pillars and concrete beam structures ,tiles and other cement products
  • Certified to British Standard : BS6920:2000 – Safe for use regarding Potable Drinking Water Tanks . Non Toxic Ideal for animal sheds and drinking                    water tanks
  • Protection for Cellars and Basements

We are specialists in supplying products for  Damp Proofing, Damp Treatment, Tanking, Building Waterproofing, Structural Waterproofing, Rising Damp, Cellar Waterproofing and Cavity Drainage Membranes . Our products will most certainly protect and extend the life of your property .

Our Mission – Simply stated….. Partnering with our customers to develop progressive and profitable relationships. To deliver quality service and products, without compromising the safety of our employees. We will accept nothing less….

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